Private Mentorship Program

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Get your Private Mentorship with a 24/7 support in App. You´ll be a part of a team with 98% successrate making it hard to not succeed yourself. Sign up to get started!

Mentoring makes Personal Training and Coaching available from anywhere and is more effective. When you sign up for the Private Mentorship Program you will get a Private Mentor as well as a Diet Plan and Workout Program. The diet plan is based on your preferences, goals and habits and the Workout Program is based on your goals, accessibility and daily schedule.

Mindset Coaching including daily tasks/exercises is also available for those who want to reach further and create a richer life overall. It all starts in your head and with the right mindset and action plan you can create whatever it is you desire. The Private Mentorship Program includes weekly follow-ups with your Mentor and plan adjustments as you progress. Simply answer and fill out the questionnaire after signing up to get started.

All our Mentors have done remarkable transformations themselves, both physically and mentally. Simply put, they know what is takes to succeed! If you follow our guidance and roadmap we´ll make sure you reach your goals and get in the best shape of your life! With a 98% client success rate a change is inevitable, it is just a matter of time and effort. Because you´ve made it this far, use code “STABIS15” when ordering to get 15% off!


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